The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis: Monarch Center for the Arts

1805 Main St. San Diego, CA 92113

The Chrysalis: Monarch Center for the Arts is a 6,000 square foot arts space in Barrio Logan with a dedicated 100-seat theatre, dance studio, visual art classroom, and storefront gallery. The Chrysalis provides theatre, music, dance and visual arts programs for all ages in the community, including programs for 0-5 and their families.

Our mission is to create arts-based spaces that allow community members of all ages to access, amplify, and elevate their voice, self-expression, identity, agency, and sense of belonging.  We envision a world where youth and adults use the tools and resources of the arts to help imagine, create, and build the vibrant and successful life they desire and deserve.

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Interested in touring the facilities or using our 6,000 square foot space?

Contact Ivanna Pozo,

Chrysalis Business Manager
(619) 975-2022 x111



Interested in learning more about our Creative Youth Development or Community Programs?

Contact Erika Malone,
Director of Creative Youth Development & Community Engagement
(619) 975-2022 x111

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