Our Approach

  • We know education is the key to success for unhoused youth. In order to meet our students’ unique needs, Monarch has developed an innovative approach to learning where students gain the skills they need to improve their lives, develop awareness of their emotions and healthy coping skills, explore their passions and plan for a life of self-sufficient living. Monarch provides students with a safe, stable environment for learning with wraparound services to meet their basic needs.

    focus areas

    academic growth emotional growth social growth life skills

  • academic growth

    Through our ACADEMIC GROWTH focus, students build the foundation of knowledge they need for success. Monarch is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and aligned with Common Core Standards.

    We emphasize:

    student learningprofessional learningculturally responsible

  • emotional growth

    We know firsthand that experiencing homelessness is traumatic and that it impacts learning. Monarch’s EMOTIONAL GROWTH team helps students gain awareness of their emotions and develop healthy coping skills.

    We provide:

    student learningprofessional learningculturally responsible