Project Based Learning (PBL) Lead Instructor

The Project Based Learning (PBL) Lead Instructor is responsible for initiating and facilitating partnerships between MSP staff and K-5 SDCOE teachers in support of project-based learning classes and celebrations of learning. This position co-plans PBL curriculum with SDCOE K-5 teachers and brings in a wide range of MSP staff, based on their areas of expertise, to contribute ideas, expertise, and general support. Additionally, the PBL Lead Instructor provides classes and programs in their primary art form to students, families, and community members.

After-School Associate (K-12) – Part-Time

The After-School Associate will supervise and work with K-12 students in daily program activities. The After-School Associate will collaborate with other team members, families, and school personnel to provide structured activities within the community. This role will also ensure a safe and supportive environment and offer program activities that include physical fitness, arts, academic enrichment, organized games, and healthy choices and behaviors.
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