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San Diego’s Monarch School Project Students Sell 70 Art Pieces at Art San Diego

Times of San Diego
September 14, 2022

Students at San Diego’s Monarch School Project sold more than 70 art pieces after partnering with Humble Design, a nonprofit interior design company in Logan Heights, at Art San Diego last week.

By partnering with the nonprofit, students learned “many impactful lessons” related to interior design, art making, exhibits and how to sell one’s art.

“Students learned to discuss their artwork and answer questions about how they created their pieces,” Elizabeth Pennington, vice president of philanthropy and communications at Monarch School Project, said. “They also learned how to sell their art to the public and were very successful.”

The Monarch School Project, located in Barrio Logan, serves nearly 300 unhoused students and their families. The school focuses on empowering students to influence their own growth in the areas of academic success and social emotional learning.

The school also has a new art studio, The Chrysalis: Monarch School’s Center for the Arts. Pennington said he school has a Creative Youth Development Program, which offers a holistic approach to deeply engaging young people through the arts and creativity to promote personal well-being and support students in reaching their full potential.

The Art San Diego project also proved to be meaningful to the students.

“The students’ feedback was that they absolutely loved the experience and felt a sense of pride in their artwork and in creating a beautiful space to show off their artwork,” Pennington said. “They were excited to share with the public their masterpieces and they gained confidence in their artistic abilities and sales skills.”

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