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Program live stream begins at 6:30pm. For assistance call us at 619-652-4100 or email info@monarchschools.org

If you would like to pay by check, a donor advised fund, stock transfer, or any other means, please email us at info@monarchschools.org or call 619-652-4100 x1632 and let us know your preferred payment method.



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supports our alumni scholarship program, enabling us to assist Monarch School alumni like Zaira and Zaphire who you saw in the video with college tuition, college living expenses and work training programs


supports Monarch’s Mental and Behavioral Health Program providing students with the help they need to face the trauma they’ve experienced so that they can feel connected and ready to learn in the classroom. Monarch clinicians work 1:1 with students to provide mental health support, something that is often non-existent in schools.  But here at Monarch, it is a critical program that has growing needs.


provides literacy support for Monarch School students.


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supports the athletics program, with school uniforms, travel expenses, sports equipment and transportation costs to sports events.


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supports our Garden and Nutrition Program for each classroom to experience the culinary arts, and working in the garden.


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supports our growing Creative Youth Development Program which provides theatre, art, dance and music experiences for students and the community at Monarch’s new Chrysalis Center for the Arts.


supports Parent Engagement programs including workshops, job readiness, housing support, food security, and basic needs.


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provides basic needs for students including shoes, clothing, hygiene kits and other needs at the Butterfly Boutique.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated as we continue to support unhoused students.

Thank you for Raising Up Monarch!

Host Committee Chair

Caroline Winn

Host Committee

Melissa & Ryan Alfred
Sam Attisha
Tina & Jim Benedict
Lisa Bicker & Jeff Martin
Diane & Norman Blumenthal
Camille & David Boatwright
Rochelle & Bill Bold
Deidre Buddin & Jose Fernandez
Major Garrett
Tracy & Trevor Hoffman
Inna & James Kelly
Kris & Jim McMillan
Erin & Scot McPherson
Patty Moises
Debra & Phil Molyneux
Susan Sharin & Laurina Young
Josie & Tom Seidler
Stan Siegel
Jill Skrezyna & Alex Sun
Sharon Vidal
Karin & Ed Vogel

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