Statement from our CEO

June 5, 2020

Like so many of you, our Monarch family has been feeling deep despair and outrage in the face of inequality, racial injustice and hate in our country.

We believe that each student and family we meet deserves respect and a future of infinite possibilities. But for so many, the unfolding tragedies across the nation and in our own community are adding stress to the existing trauma of experiencing homelessness.

Right now, as always, the students we serve are at the heart of every conversation. We are having difficult conversations with families who are experiencing grief and frustration. We are creating space for students to express their feelings and needs. We are taking every opportunity to listen. We are affirming every day: Black Lives Matter.

As we work to address immediate needs, our team at Monarch is also looking inward. We are deepening our learning about how to bring active anti-racism to every facet of our organization. Our commitment to building meaningful relationships, creating safe spaces and prioritizing student learning will never waver. I invite each of you supporting our students to continue on this journey with us, and I thank you for your continued generosity.

Marisol Alvarado

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