School for homeless kids has a new campus, CIF status

July 14, 2014

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – The Monarch School is not your typical school. Monarch is a K-12 school, with a common thread in its student body. “We are here to serve the neediest kids in the county, providing them with educational and extracurricular opportunities,” Monarch School Principal Joseph Wiseman said.

“It’s a unique place in the country. Unique in that all the kids have been impacted by homelessness,” athletic director Chula Nunez said.

Last year, Monarch raised a new campus just a stones’ throw from Petco Park. “Folks raised $16 million to build for the kids, with that came a basketball court,” Wiseman said. And with that court came the big news this summer that Monarch will compete in CIF sports this fall.

“We want to compete in the classroom and on the field or court and build a sense of school pride,” Wiseman said.

The new surroundings and the upgraded sports program are paying dividends in the classroom.

“Students who had below 2.0s, are now 2.5s or 3.5s. Its great and its due in part to the sports program,” Nunez said. “Our motto is ‘Win the day.’ We want to build student athletes and of course we want to win, but we want to do it right. With sportsmanship, integrity and representing who we are as a whole.”


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